Took a card class at my favorite shop today, and was gifted more flattery than I know how to handle.
I am lucky to be able to attend a class with charming women and even luckier to be invited to begin teaching card classes.
Made me so happy I continued making cards after class with my new toys.
Here are a couple of the creative style card I learned how to make today:


…And the inside has a tab that pulls out while popping up!


The second one I kinda goofed up. A good suggestion I learned from a friend is “when you make an oops make it look intentional.” And I would like to add “no art is ever wrong.”

Instead of it opening the way it was designed I fixed my oops and made it open like a typical card.




So if you take anything away from this post take, “a little birdie told me to make it look intentional!!” Haha

Here is what I created when I got home with my new toys:


Thanks for stopping by. Create what you love, love what you create!


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