Operation Organize

I decided to do some spring cleaning in my craft space. I asked around and read online for some ideas on the best way to organize your stamps.  Here is my selection… of course I suggest the process below as a good solution but choose what is best for you obviously.

Phase 1:make them cling
I took the time to change all my wood block stamps to cling stamps using stampin up 8.5″x11″ cling foam sheets and a hot knife.
Once complete I can store ALL of my stamps into the clear dvd cases (also from stampin up).
Phase 2: categories
I selected our alphabet as the index identifier to keep me restricted to 26 categories.
Talking through my stamp inventory dilemma with my hubby, he suggested I break up sets (as I had them grouped & separated just the way I purchased them). This made me panic a little, but now that the process is complete I’ve concluded it was the BEST way to go.
IE: Everything Christmas is now grouped together even if it was part of an all occasion sentiment set.


Phase 3: Stamp-a-thon
Stamp each one of your stamps on a piece of cardstock with the appropriate reference label. This does take a while but is worth it in the end. Just keep saying “I only have to do this once!”.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect stamp. Simply something to help you remember what you have and where it is.  If you mess up, it’s NBD… this is really meant for you and won’t be seen a lot.



There are no perfect actions, only perfect intentions.

Phase 4: place in case
Label the dvd cases according to the stamp set inside using numbers after the letter for growing quantities.




Tada!! You are now organized with a binder index.
Ps: I kept the taylored expression dies together in sets because they have coordinating dies and an inspiration example site that uses the set specifically. My choice, but you are welcome to integrate these as well.

Once that was complete it was on to my dies. I’m not complete yet but you’ll get the gist. I put magnet strips on a piece of foamcore & placed them on in a way I could grab without taking the entire set with me.


Hope this motivates you to get organized and helps you stay that way to better create whatever it is that inspires you.
Happy saturday.


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