Fa la la la la

It’s only the last day of September, but who doesn’t enjoy the holiday season!?  I mean c’mon – can you be in a bad mood while listening to holiday music?

I’m preparing tag ornaments and other paper crafty yummies for a craft fair I’m participating in (November 29th) and would like to present a preview.

These are a few of the “tag ornaments” I’ve made. On the back there is a pocket where you may insert a gift card or a sweet sentiment for your special someone.


wpid-20140930_070835.jpg wpid-20140930_070821.jpg wpid-20140930_070844.jpg

wpid-20140930_070952.jpg wpid-20140930_071008.jpg wpid-20140930_071022.jpg

wpid-20140930_071104.jpg wpid-20140930_071056.jpg wpid-20140930_071128.jpg

Here a couple other ornaments I’ve made so far:

wpid-20140930_070828.jpg wpid-20140930_070937.jpg wpid-20140930_071203.jpg

wpid-20140930_070908.jpg wpid-20140930_071157.jpg wpid-20140930_071253.jpg

As you can see I’ve used scrabble tiles… and to further show you what I have in mind here are some more of those:

wpid-20140930_071015.jpg wpid-20140930_071003.jpg wpid-20140930_071036.jpg

I can even customize them using last names… I thought Welch would be a good “Example”. wink wink.


After all it’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!




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