Creativity Abounds

I really enjoy taking classes as much as I enjoy teaching. The past couple weekends I took a couple classes from my two beloved paper crafting mentors.  I’m a very lucky lady to have these two inspiring women in my life. 🙂

Hope you like the cards as much as I loved learning how to make them.

These 4 are from Cheryl Grigsby’s Wild Wallflower class. (she is the store owner) Her talent inspires me to spread my creative wings and fly. I’ve learned SO many cool art techniques from watching her and taking her classes.

LOVE this paper set. If you are a local and haven’t signed up for a class yet. DO IT NOW! Here’s a link to classes.

This card set is going to a very special friend of mine who loves to share kindness to those around her.  I hope whoever she gives these to appreciates her sweet nature and thoughtful spirit.

02-08_Edit-2420 02-08_Edit-2421 02-08_Edit-2424 02-08_Edit-2422  02-08_Edit-2423

The following deliciousness is from a class I took from Susan Mostek. She’s the first one I took a card class from at RMM, and is a resident artist. I love taking her classes. Talk about details.  She is so patient and has what seems to be a passion for fussy cutting EVERYTHING.  Makes me look at paper entirely differently.  (…also attributed to taking Cheryl’s 6 in 60 class, WHICH should be patented btw!!)

I’m sending this card set to a special someone for them to share one a month to a friend of their choice. Thanks for the layout ideas Susan.

02-08_Edit-2425 02-08_Edit-2426 02-08_Edit-2427

02-08_Edit-2428 02-08_Edit-2429  02-08_Edit-2431

02-08_Edit-2433 02-08_Edit-2434 02-08_Edit-2435

02-08_Edit-2436 02-08_Edit-2437 02-08_Edit-2438

02-08_Edit-2439 02-08_Edit-2440 02-08_Edit-2441

02-08_Edit-2442 02-08_Edit-2443 02-08_Edit-2444

02-08_Edit-2445 02-08_Edit-2446 02-08_Edit-2447

02-08_Edit-2448 02-08_Edit-2449 02-08_Edit-2450

02-08_Edit-2451 02-08_Edit-2452


02-08_Edit-2454  02-08_Edit-2456

02-08_Edit-2457 02-08_Edit-2458 02-08_Edit-2459

02-08_Edit-2461 02-08_Edit-2462 02-08_Edit-2463


One thought on “Creativity Abounds

  1. cherylspaperartz says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mandy. Susan and I both recognized you right away as one who “got it”. You have absolutely taken off and its been fun to watch you fly! Can’t wait for YOUR upcoming class!!

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