Folio Down the Rabbit Hole

Update: I was considered Honorable Mention for this challenge!!! BIG THANK YOU to the kind talented hardworking hosts, and of course THANK YOU to Tim Holtz for making such excellent foundations for art and creativity… Curiouser and curiouser!!!

CC3C-HonMen-Badge-LayersThis is for the CC3C challenge #23. Click the link to join in #24! Inspiration Emporium is a sponsor where you can buy some nifty jazz for all your crafty purposes! Today was the last day to post and BOY did I cut this short. Here is a shot of the naked Tim Holtz folio. Don’t worry, it’s G rated! 😉


I decided to do my folio project on… drumroll… Alice in Wonderland!! I went searching online for the original manuscript, which can be found here and the original artwork by Sir John Tenniel to Lewis Carroll’s dear story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! It actually doesn’t mention the Cheshire Cat nor the Mad Hatter OR the Un-birthday Tea Party anywhere. Nonetheless, I included them in my folio because it’s my play time… and in my world I say Cats and Hats are where it’s at…s… SO without further ado… pictures of my folio project: I choose a couple of key phrases and used a super cool “alice in wonderland” font.


Once I know which parts of the story I wanted to include, the story in pictures looked

like this.  It’s organized chaos!


I wanted to create a rabbit hole, that went through the entire book. This presented the challenge of making each page front and back while still having a nice display that made since to the story.

20150307_154323 20150307_154343

Here’s a shot of the rabbit hole beginning to take route.


Each of Sir John Tenniel’s drawings were all black and white. Truly amazing when you think about it because you are using your imagination to color these images while reading a story created from the imagination of Lewis Carroll of a young girl’s imagination.  Deep rabbit hole indeed!!


This poem is actually part of the Jabberwocky, which is a poem by Lewis Carroll. In the Disney cartoon the Cheshire Cat sings it. Not part of the original story but still charming.


I choose the charm with the phrase “reality has limits. imagination is boundless”. Fitting don’t you think!?


Here’s pics of the complete project:

20150313_172257 20150313_172329 20150313_172401 20150313_172432 20150313_172447 20150313_172506 20150313_174149 20150313_172757 20150313_172605 20150313_172919 20150313_172926 20150313_173200 20150313_173100 20150313_173227 20150313_173314 20150313_173338 20150313_173410 20150313_173355 20150313_173457 20150313_173509 20150313_173437 20150313_173446 20150313_173526 20150313_173602 20150313_173637 20150313_173647 20150313_173729 20150313_173842 20150313_174041 20150313_174004 20150313_174017 20150313_173914 20150313_174030 And here is the back cover: wpid-20150313_172213.jpg


16 thoughts on “Folio Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. lylalarimore says:

    You were the one trying to post your folio at the same time I was: it made me feel alot better to know I wasn’t the only ‘last one’ & I managed to post like…a few seconds after you! lol!
    But you deserved to be able to use every last minute on this SPECTACULARLY FUN-LOOKING AWESOME FOLIO!!!!! WOW!!! My fave parts: the ‘drink me’ …and Alice looking into the keyhole… and the rabbit looking down into the huge hole…. and…well, shoot: ALL OF IT!! Cause it just matches the story so doggone well!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME JOB!!! And don’t give a hoot if anyone says you “do Alice in Wonderland too much”, cause there is NO SUCH THING!! I love “EMERGENCY!” and am always doing firefighter stuff and pinning those things. “Too much” for some folks means “not nearly ENOUGH!” for us others. lol!

  2. lylalarimore says:

    PS- ‘The Mad Hatter’ store was always our first stop inside Walt Disney World on visits. Our younger Purdue Nuclear Engineering Son just HAD to have the Mad Hatter’s hat, which he still wore Sr Yr in college for the fun of it, and now is part of a huge collection of the hats stored away till he and his Purdue English Honors Education (w Distinction) Wife has room for them up in their new Minnesota home. #longlivenerdlife !!! 😉

  3. Acorncrafts says:

    This is super awesome! I love the way you made the decreasing holes on each page as you told the story. A real work of art!

  4. Clareene Forbes says:

    What a labor of love. It sure didn’t hurt that you have the talent to back it up. Great job of fussy cutting all the countless pieces. I can’t imagine how many hours went into this.

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