Creative Carte Blanche

I am truly inspired by my talented friends’ new blog, Creative Carte Blanche, to participate in their first challenge… “Go outside of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before.”

This team of talented ladies have created a new (to me) way to participate in crafti-playtime on the Internet. 

They come up with a simple yet challenging theme of the month (I believe) and we crafti-princesses get to participate by submitting a piece using whatever medium inspires us at that time (that also fits into their theme in some way).

FUN to the MAX!

So “use something that pushes you outside your comfort zone” for me that was pure watercolor painting.

I’ve been watching a women on YouTube for a while and I liked her style, I just didn’t have the guts to try it… Enter Courage:

I bought this paper and some water color paints. I cut about a 5″x 5″ piece and taped it to my craft mat.


Water, paint, repeat…


I think I ended up with a puddle of color. Not sure if this is what it’s supposed to look like but hey… Here’s to bravery!

I love the crazy bird stamp set by Tim Holtz, and just so happens I had it out on my desk. I looked up after drying my color puddle with a heat gun, and saw this specific bird who coincidently had the exact same expression as me!

  At this point I am feeling defeated. I wasn’t 100% thrilled with my color puddle, and my stamp didn’t come out clean. :/

But then I remember the video posted to Creative Carte Blanche, and repeat the phrase “this is play time, it doesn’t have to be perfect!”

So I try some more techniques I’ve learned by watching online tutorials, and keep trucking!


I darken the lines with a fine tip pen.


And add the phrase that’s on my mind:

Here’s the finished piece:

Thank you CCB ladies for sharing your inspiration and encouragement to try new things.

I tried again… This time attempting a pic of my pup.



7 thoughts on “Creative Carte Blanche

  1. annettegreen264 says:

    How fun is this little piece of art?! Watercolor is tricky for most of us, so I admire you for diving in and giving it a go. Your softly washed-out background is perfect for stamping images. I’m so happy you joined us in the Creative Carte Blanche challenge and hope to see you again!

  2. Cheryl Grigsby says:

    Bravo! So glad the video inspired you. It inspired me, too. I’m glad you kept trucking because you ended up with something delightful. Thanks for spreading the joy!

  3. candycolwell says:

    Yay Mandy!! As Annette Green said, watercolor can be very tricky! But I think that is what I love about it…it’s so unpredictable. I think you did a great job on this and I love the idea of the background! You’ve inspired me to give that a whirl! I was cracking up when you said that the crazy bird had the same expression as you did while working on this piece. I’m quite sure my face has had that same expression a lot lately as I experiment with new things. But, happily we are all smiling in the end! Your project is darling! Love it! Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Carte Blanche!

  4. Susan Mostek says:

    Awesome, Mandy! I love watercolor too! I am so glad you decided to be brave and dive in – the result was wonderful. Pepper is looking great too! I am thrilled you joined us at Creative Carte Blanche! Hope to see more of your work soon!

  5. Yvonne Blair says:

    AWE!!!! I was cheering while reading this! YES YES!!!! and I LOVE your color puddle! I love the look of it…and the bird! YES! I have had that look on my face too! I am so glad you kept plugging along! This is such a fun ENCOURAGING card!!! Watercolor is very challenging…at least for me it is….I think your card is inspiring and beautiful! Kudos to you for keeping on when you weren’t thrilled…you ended it with a fabulously fun card! Thanks for joining in and playing along with us at Creative Carte Blanche!

  6. Linda Ledbetter says:

    Mandy! This is BEYOND perfect and wonderful and sweet and… it’s everything!!! What a great project for the CCB challenge. Bet you’ll be doing lots more pure watercolor art from now on– you nailed it, girl! Thanks for joining in and for being so wonderful. ❤

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