Wood, word, wild

Thank you ladies of Creative Carte Blanche for again making me search for new creative awesome!

I recently had to google this word (after a very articulate friend used it in a comment on FB), and I thought…”well that’s the word, how do I make it wild!?”

Well a gangster bird of course!

Place a fedora on anyone and BAM… instant SVELTE! 

Wood: cross stitch hoop

Word: svelte

Wild: a gangster bird donning a fedora šŸ‘šŸ½


4 thoughts on “Wood, word, wild

  1. Cheryl Grigsby says:

    I’m late to respond, but WOW!! And very svelte, too, my dear. šŸ˜‰ How much fun is this, just like you. I love it when your personality is reflected in your work and this certainly fits the bill. Great job, love it!

  2. candycolwell says:

    Mandy, this is darling! I love what you’ve done to alter this little hoop. The birds are adorable and I love the die cut flowers and greenery in the opposite corners. Can you have corners on a round hoop?? Oh well, you get what I mean. šŸ™‚ Just darling! Thanks for sharing with all of us at Creative Carte Blanche.

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