Paper Bag Memoir Book

I finished this project a while back and didn’t post it. I wanted to share this to maybe inspire someone else to make one!

It’s fun and easy once you get the hang of it. Made from cereal boxes and paper bags using Tim Holtz Wildflower paper and kraft card stock:

Each bag has a pull our tab from the top, that’s double sided of course:

There are also little pull outs in smaller pockets:

This is where Austin asked me to be his wife: 

This squirrel was nervous for him:

Our first trip to the Garden of the Gods and Estes Park:

WY buffalo show so much tude:

This was a special dinner Austin took me to, and I was taken away by the food and the view.  I said “It would just be so perfect if an elk would just frolic by.” and then BEHOLD; he heard me! My next statement was, “I would also LOVE a million dollars!”

My last picture as Austin’s girlfriend:

McIntosh Lake in our new home town Longmont, CO:


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