Holiday cards and a New Toy!

It’s my birthday today, so… what better time to play all day in my new crafty space!

Made 42 holiday cards to share this season! My plan is so send out three holiday cards per family. (One from us and two for them to share with others.)

My husband bought me the misti stamping tool and I just mass produced out the wazoo.

Here are a few shots of the cards I made using two holiday stamp sets:

Paper Bag Memoir Book

I finished this project a while back and didn’t post it. I wanted to share this to maybe inspire someone else to make one!

It’s fun and easy once you get the hang of it. Made from cereal boxes and paper bags using Tim Holtz Wildflower paper and kraft card stock:

Each bag has a pull our tab from the top, that’s double sided of course:

There are also little pull outs in smaller pockets:

This is where Austin asked me to be his wife: 

This squirrel was nervous for him:

Our first trip to the Garden of the Gods and Estes Park:

WY buffalo show so much tude:

This was a special dinner Austin took me to, and I was taken away by the food and the view.  I said “It would just be so perfect if an elk would just frolic by.” and then BEHOLD; he heard me! My next statement was, “I would also LOVE a million dollars!”

My last picture as Austin’s girlfriend:

McIntosh Lake in our new home town Longmont, CO:

Wood, word, wild

Thank you ladies of Creative Carte Blanche for again making me search for new creative awesome!

I recently had to google this word (after a very articulate friend used it in a comment on FB), and I thought…”well that’s the word, how do I make it wild!?”

Well a gangster bird of course!

Place a fedora on anyone and BAM… instant SVELTE! 

Wood: cross stitch hoop

Word: svelte

Wild: a gangster bird donning a fedora 👍🏽

Cardboard Metal Lace

This Month on the Creative Carte Blanche blog the challenge is to create a piece incorporating three things: Metal, Lace, and Corregated paper of some kind. 

Please stop by their blog and play along by clicking here

As I said in my last post I started playing with Bo Bunny paper called Beautiful Dreamer.  I made another wall piece for this challenge!!

Interestingly enough, walking Pepper the other night I found a page from an old book on the ground. Free material!

I laid everything in front of me and started my creative journey. 

I wanted a border but I love this paper too much to waste it, so I gutted the border page and will use it again! It shall live on!
I wanted to keep the owl aligned with the top so I trimmed the green page to reveal an equal border.


 Here is my plan but nothing was stuck down. Had to lift and stick!

The final product:

Thank you Creative Carte Blanche for inspiring me AGAIN!

Beautiful Dreamer

Bo Bunny came out with a new paper set called “beautiful dreamer” and I’m in love!

 Here are the pages I used for these wall pieces:

They are delicious front and back. It was hard to chose which to cut.

Here are the 12×12 wall decor pieces. Used  simple paper piecing technique.

Fun reference for us Beatles fans… Or when I get older.

Thanks for lookin!

Creative Carte Blanche

I am truly inspired by my talented friends’ new blog, Creative Carte Blanche, to participate in their first challenge… “Go outside of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before.”

This team of talented ladies have created a new (to me) way to participate in crafti-playtime on the Internet. 

They come up with a simple yet challenging theme of the month (I believe) and we crafti-princesses get to participate by submitting a piece using whatever medium inspires us at that time (that also fits into their theme in some way).

FUN to the MAX!

So “use something that pushes you outside your comfort zone” for me that was pure watercolor painting.

I’ve been watching a women on YouTube for a while and I liked her style, I just didn’t have the guts to try it… Enter Courage:

I bought this paper and some water color paints. I cut about a 5″x 5″ piece and taped it to my craft mat.


Water, paint, repeat…


I think I ended up with a puddle of color. Not sure if this is what it’s supposed to look like but hey… Here’s to bravery!

I love the crazy bird stamp set by Tim Holtz, and just so happens I had it out on my desk. I looked up after drying my color puddle with a heat gun, and saw this specific bird who coincidently had the exact same expression as me!

  At this point I am feeling defeated. I wasn’t 100% thrilled with my color puddle, and my stamp didn’t come out clean. :/

But then I remember the video posted to Creative Carte Blanche, and repeat the phrase “this is play time, it doesn’t have to be perfect!”

So I try some more techniques I’ve learned by watching online tutorials, and keep trucking!


I darken the lines with a fine tip pen.


And add the phrase that’s on my mind:

Here’s the finished piece:

Thank you CCB ladies for sharing your inspiration and encouragement to try new things.

I tried again… This time attempting a pic of my pup.


New Year with a New Machine!

My dear friend bought me a silhouette machine in Novemeber for my birthday!!

Between the holidays and my husband breaking his leg in a skiing accident I’ve been super busy! I have a new appreciation for nurses and parents!

I’m excited to finally get to play with my new toy. Today I’m working on a few belated Christmas gifts and a birthday gift for my sister.



I love how the line about the rabbit pulling the watch out of his waistcoat is right in the middle of the silhouette image!


Spent the long weekend working on some journal pages I’ve been storing up for some time. 

I hadn’t done much crafting for myself in a while so I was glad to spend some time working through more pages in my first art journal.

Thanks to Susan Mostek and Vicky Papaioannou for the inspiration.